About the Owners

Meet Samantha Butler and Kerry Truluck, former elementary school teachers, partners in crime, and sister-in-laws for life!

Side Hustle Superstar Samantha had been embroidering gifts from her garage for years, and when her part-time hobby turned into an additional full time job, Samantha knew it was time to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams; but she needed a trusted partner to help launch her business.  Conveniently her brother Jeremy had a hidden talent for remodeling, and happened to be married to her best friend Kerry, and both were very supportive of Sam's vision.  They met with business advisors and formulated a business plan and ran the numbers over and over to make sure it was doable.  The stars seemed to align and they worked very hard to get their business started. Together, the three of them designed, created, and opened Southern Stitches.  Southern Stitches of Chapin is truly a family adventure, and family owned and operated small business. 

Southern Stitches of Chapin opened in July 2018; and they already had quite a following with over a thousand "Likes" on their Facebook business page!  They hit the ground running and the embroidery machine and vinyl cutter has been working non-stop ever since.

Samantha and Kerry Celebrated their First Business Birthday in July 2019
These photos capture the fun loving spirit of Samantha and Kerry

Southern Stitches of Chapin was Voted Best of Irmo Chapin Life 2020


2020 Award Winner  

Best of Class
Irmo Chapin Life 

To say that we are beyond shocked and honored to change our nominee sticker to a "best of sticker" would be the understatement 👏🏻 of 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 CENTURY!!!! We were blown away to even be considered as a Best of Irmo Chapin Life business but to have actually been chosen as the winner ... WOW!!! The paper that came with it stated that in order to win this our business is a business that the people in our area "respect, trust, and identify with" .... What an HONOR!!! We are so thankful that we have such amazing customers and even more so that they feel the love and appreciation we have for them and their patronage!! There are not enough words to express our thanks to all who voted and continue to help us write this fairytale like story that is Southern Stitches 💕

-Samantha & Kerry

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